Updated compatibility

Today plugin was updated to be compatible with the latest versions of AIMP (v4.70.2227 at the moment of writing). Have a good day!

Сегодня плагин был обновлен для совместимости с последними версиями AIMP (v4.70.2227 на момент написания). Хорошего дня!

Version 2.0 Released

This version has lots of changes and improvements.

The most important are:

  • Ability to add tracks that are located on your computer
  • AIMP-like tracks grouping and sorting in playlists
  • Fast discovery of computers (in one or two seconds)
  • Dynamic loading of playlists. This means that playlists are now loaded on demand, which makes app loading noticeably faster.
  • Ability to rename and remove playlists
  • Ability to show which track will be played when you press "Next track" or "Prev. track". Just long press corresponding button.
  • Ability to view lyrics from file's tags.
  • Correctly working with track that are enabled\disabled, with playlists that are read-only.
  • Lots of other improvements and fixes

Plugin is now an independent fork of Control Plugin by Alexey Ivanov, and is named "AIMP Remote Control Plugin" (just like the app). The most noticeable changes are:
  • Dropped compatibility for old AIMP versions in order to focus on new player functionality.
  • Settings are a part of AIMP user interface, and now have own section called "Remote Control".
  • Simplified installer.

Only AIMP4.1+ is supported.

Beta version

There is now a beta version with some new and long awaited functionality.

If you want to be a beta tester and not afraid of possible bugs, join beta testing now.
For more details check Beta page or Бета.

Crowdin translation project

Wish to translate app into your own language? Then this project is for you.

By joining translation project you gain the ability to improve or to add you own localizations.
Waiting for you at Crowdin.