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AIMP Remote Control collects anonymous usage data by using Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics. AIMP Remote Control does not collect any personal information such as email addresses, your name, address, etc.
What does Firebase Analytics record?
  • How often you use the app and what kind of actions you perform.
  • What kind of device you’re using.
  • What country you live in.
  • And quite a bit more.
What does Crashlytics record?
Each time the application crashes (i.e. force closes) your device collects anonymous data, which helps resolving the problem. This data includes:
  • Stack traces from all threads
  • Operating system information – version, free space, free RAM, etc.
  • Device information – manufacturer and device name
Additionally, Crashlytics provides similar service to Firebase Analytics. It counts the number of active users and how often they use the app. No other information is collected.
How does the collected information being used?
The tracking information allows to better understand the kind of people who use the app and optimize its functionality and user experience to their needs. Crash reports provided by Crashlytics are used to improve the stability and performance of the application.
Occasionally, compiled aggregate statistics is made about the number of users this app has and devices being used. No personally identifying data is included in this type of reporting.
All of the activity falls within the bounds of the FIREBASE ANALYTICS TERMS OF SERVICE and CRASHLYTICS TERMS OF SERVICE.

Trial period

AIMP Remote Control allows you to use all of its features for 1 week for free. In order to check and validate your trial period, the application needs to generate a unique identifier of your device which is an MD5 hash of the IMEI number. The hash is unreversible, which means it’s impossible to decode the original information.
The hash is used to identify your device, when checking if your trial period is still valid.


AIMP Remote Control requests following permissions on your device:


FULL NETWORK ACCESS – required for all the application features. Revoking this permission will limit the application basic functionality.

GOOGLE PLAY BILLING SERVICE and GOOGLE PLAY LICENSE CHECK – required to check the license of Solid Explorer and its additional components.

VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONS – used to check whether you are connected to the Internet or not and whether it is a Wi-Fi or mobile network connection. This allows to save your mobile data plan in some cases.


WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE – required to download tracks onto your phone.


READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY – this permission is required to read your device IMEI and generate unique device hash basing on that number. The hash is unreversible, which means it’s not possible to get the original text. You’re safe.

PROCESS OUTGOING CALLS – required to, for example, pause your music when you are making a call.

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