1. Download and install AIMP Remote Control Plugin.
  2. Install AIMP Remote Control on you smartphone.
  3. In the application use autoscan to find your PC or enter computer's IP manually.

Only the latest versions of AIMP are supported: AIMP v4.11, build 1841 from 09.10.2016 and newer.

It is desirable to protect connection by setting a password in settings.

Plugin settings can be found in AIMP's settings, under Remote Control section.


App shows "Update plugin", but it is already updated


    Ensure that you don't have two plugins active at the same time. Open list of AIMP plugins and ensure that you dont have "Control Plugin", but only "Remote Control" activated there. Disable "Control Plugin" if it is there.

No connection

    Ensure that your antivirus or firewall (including Windows Firewall) is not blocking connection on port 3333 (default). Also, port 3332 is used to discover computers. In plugin settings you can see addresses that can be used to access plugin.

Addresses are clickable. Follow the address and you should see a page that contains a big app logo.

Addresses can be used to connect using the app.

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Fantastic Post! I am loving it!! Will be back later to study some much more.

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Unknown комментирует...

"unable to get playlist" HELP ??!!

Fariz Deonata W комментирует...

if you get the "unable to get playlist" error, go to plugin settings and check the box on wireless network connection.

Krzysztof Grochocki комментирует...

Doesn't work in AIMP4 - I have an error with loading playlist.

Тарас Петрук комментирует...

The links to the plugin were updated, should work now.

HaSan Muhammad комментирует...


mihir gandhi комментирует...

hello if I purchase this app how long does it remain valid for ??? and if later I update this app will it still remain valid?

GregorJan комментирует...

Hello. Can you fix this?
It's almost impossible to use Aimp with this problem.

Тарас Петрук комментирует...

I am unable to see what's in the link, it shows error.

GregorJan комментирует...

Hi, sorry for that. Here's proper link with new forum topic

GregorJan комментирует...
Этот комментарий был удален автором.
GregorJan комментирует...

Any updates for my issue? Version doesn't help.
Maybe this topic will help you with this

Тарас Петрук комментирует...

GregorJan, I'll post an anwser a bit later. Now researching the issue.

AviciiPL комментирует...

Can you tell me, why I can't use this plugin: ?? It says "Plugin update required"

Тарас Петрук комментирует...

And why do you think you can use it? That plugin is totally different now, and is maintained by another person.

GregorJan комментирует...

In it's little better but it still hangs whenever Audio library is updated (those opts enabled so when there's any file operation.
Also still aimp starts and exit much slower.

Alexey комментирует...

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GregorJan комментирует...

Not working any more with the latest AIMP build. Can you fix it?

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Very usefull

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Not working in AIMP 4.13. Error: Some of the loaded plugins are not used by this application.

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Анонимный комментирует...

nned to be update for AIMP 4.50

GregorJan комментирует...

I confirm, nned to be update for AIMP 4.50

Ariyan Islam комментирует...

Great tutorial man. Thanks for your effort. But what about something more advanced, e.g. multiboot USB drive with Win7, WinXP and some Linux distros without any application, only from command line. Doesn’t matter whether linux or windows command line. Could you prepare some tutorial also for this? I guess it’s a sufficient challange ��

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after all checking ,,, the solution into firewall of windows,,,good luck !

alex комментирует...

Плагин действительно отличный, спасибо автору! Но есть две проблемы: 1. Плеер подвисает, не видно мини версии проигрывателя AIMP v4.51, build 2077 (aimp_remote_control_plugin- Чтобы открыть окно плеера, нужно нажать правой кнопкой мыши и выбрать отобразить плеер, в противном случаи не видно. Мини плеер все равно не работает. 2. Зачем нужны права для андройд на чтения звонков? Думаю можно было бы и по другому сделать. Это настораживает!

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